A Little Trip To Raleigh

We had so much fun visiting Adam's twin brother and his family last weekend!!  It's so crazy that within three years, our two families explode with four little babies!  We ate and talked and ate and talked and watched the entire season of Galavant and laughed over the craziest card game we've ever played.  It was a weekend for the books and now we just want to move to Raleigh to keep these little cousins together.  And maybe also for the food.  Probably more for the food. haha
- - -
^^ these two played non-stop. . . from morning to night. and they had little sleep overs each night. we even got to sleep in a bit each morning because they would wake up and play quietly in their room for an hour or two. plush! ^^
^^ sweet chunk of love!! ^^
^^ besides the massive quantities of food we consumed that weekend, there was so much talking that went on. i'm pretty sure we covered all the topics in the world! ^^
^^ so in love with juliet's adorable room! and that little reading nook in the cupboard?! so in love! ^^
^^ bed time stories with auntie jess-jess ^^

^^ how adorable is this little astronaut and princess?!! ^^ 
^^ give me a spoon and let me eat those curls and dimples right up ^^
^^ i wish your screen had a scratch and taste feature. those waffles were all the heart eyes in the world!! ^^
^^ emmett tried snow for the first time. . . oh golly! haha ^^
^^ cannot even tell you how adorable these two were together all weekend. they played so much better than we could have ever hoped. it rarely saw them the whole four days we were there because they were off playing the entire time. i actually cried a little bit when we had to leave because i hated to see them part. ^^
^^ love you favorite people!! ^^

- - - 
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  1. I didn't realize your husband was a twin- how cool! It's really special that you all get to raise kids so close together in age. I didn't have biological siblings so my cousins were like my brother and sister and I have the best memories of us growing up together!

  2. Cousins are the best aren't they? So glad you had a great time. I have heard Raleigh is a great city!

  3. yes!!! i have so many great memories from sleep overs with my cousins!! and you should definitely visit raleigh if you have the chance. their food is UHMAAAZING! ;)

  4. yeah they are so cute together. haha
    and i love that you have such close relationships with your cousins. i remember so many fun things from coming back to iowa to visit some of my cousins. so grateful!!

  5. What a sweet time! I love that last shot of everyone!

  6. thanks dear! we love them so so much!!