Love in Numbers

I can't help myself.  I'm a chronic list maker.  Mostly lists on paper because I love the nostalgia of taking pen to paper.  Especially if that paper comes in a pretty notebook.

This idea of everything I'm loving in numbers, was inspired by one of my sweetest friends, Casey, so I thought it would be fun to curate my own list.
9 // The number of days until we visit Adam's twin brother and family is Raleigh!  I can't wait to get my hands on my adorable niece and nephew!  Also they will be meeting Gideon for the first time and he will finally be with his amazing namesake uncle!!

16// The number of pins on my new essential oils board!  You have no idea how excited I am to learn all the wonderful ways to incorporate these oils into our home and life.

1// The number of times I cried while reading a text message from Adam after I had a particularly hard night.  I have never experienced this kind of unconditional love and grace from anyone in my life and it touches my heart so deeply.
10// The number of inches of snow we have right now! Emmett loves going on little sled rides up and down our side walks.  And it's so adorable about he tries to wipe the snow off the car as he says 'mesh, mesh!' (mess)  I love this kid so much!!

8// The number of beautiful new Instagram friends I am following. Some of my current favorites are The Merry Thought, Mary Lauren and Fox Meets Bear.

12// The number of times Emmett has asked to drink this juice tincture this week.

2// The number of lunch dates I've had this week.  It is always so uplifting to spend time encouraging time with friends that love Jesus.  This is the stuff our souls crave.
5// The number of times I have diffused Joy into our home since receiving our oils in the mail!! Even Gideon seems to get excited and his baby babbling is seriously way too sweet!

37// The number of days I have kept up with my calendar journal that I've always wanted to start.  I love writing down special little moments from each day!!

83// The number of reusable truck and train stickers I have picked up from the living room floor.
6// The number of little seed packets I started for our garden this spring! So so excited!!

Countless // The number of times I have felt overwhelming grateful for the three sweetest boys God has given me.  My heart is so full!

- - - 
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  1. I love posts like this. I don't know why I love them so much but I just do. I think because it shows a little glimpse into the persons life and I love it.

  2. I love this, Nicole!! First of all, because these number type posts are so fun, but also because it's such a fun insight into your daily life! You have such a sweet family :) My husband and I are looking forward to starting our seeds for our garden soon, too! :)

  3. i love too!! maybe it's my love of all things lists! ;)

  4. thanks sweet girl! i love them too! do you think you will have a big garden this year? i always have big plans and they always seem to fall short. but here's to hoping for this year!! ;) also i am so sorry i haven't emailed you yet. i promise to do it this weekend. XO

  5. Beautiful- there's been a lot of goodness in your home this week! Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.


  6. Numbers aren't my thing (don't ever ask me to be in charge of finances or accounting), but LISTS...yes. I love lists. This was a cute + fun list. :)

  7. :) My husband is the one with the bigger green thumb! It's fun planning and helping however I can! We bought a good number of seeds because we'll have a pretty large garden over at my mother-in-law's farm place this year, which is kind of fun! I look forward to using all the fresh produce!! :)

  8. haha! that's awesome! mostly i like making lists so i can cross stuff off and feel awesome about myself. ;) xo