Soap In A Bag // DIY

I love beautiful, good smelling bars of body soap to use while I shower, but doesn't it always seem like they melt away long before you get their full use?!  We got a few amazing bars of soap from Nearly Naked Products and I want them to last as long as possible.  I decided to sew a little soap bag that would keep the soap accessible but out of standing water in our shower by hanging on our faucet hand.  And like all my favorite sewing projects, this will literally take you 10 minutes to sew!!
Supplies //
thick weave cheese cloth

1// Cut a 7"x10" rectangle with one 7" side on the fold of a double layer of cheese cloth.  This will should create on long 7"x20" piece of cloth.  Fold 1/4" over on the 7" raw edge side and hem with a straight stitch.

2//  Fold right sides together, creating a 5"x7" bag.  Start your sewing machine needle 2" from the top of the bag on the open, 7" side.  Stitch the side and bottom of the bag closed.  

3// Turn the bag right side out. Fold the top edge inward, creating a casing to thread your jute into.

4// Stitch the casing in place, making sure it is folded inward.  
5// Thread a 12" piece of jute into the casing and knot the two ends together.

6// Place your bar of soap into the bag and synch the top down.   Our favorite soaps to use are the activated charcoal and the morning joe organic coffee soaps in case you were wondering. . .  Happy showering!!  
// this post has been a super really fun etsy/blogger collaboration with nearly naked products though my love of their products is naturally my own! //

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  1. I LOVE natural soap! It is the best and I love that the scents aren't artificial-ish. Does that make sense? lol The bags are adorable!

  2. yes totally. these particular soaps are especially good.