The Better Yes

I love saying yes to things.
If I'm honest, I want to be that super-hero-awesome-I-can-do-every-girl.
I want to be impressive.

Truth is, I can't.
I can't say yes to everything and do it all well.

A few days ago, I was getting ready to clean my sink full of dirty dishes and I reached for my computer.  This is my time I like to catch up on my favorite Hulu shows -- especially if the babies are asleep.  It's a nice, quiet time to mentally distract myself while I complete one of my least favorite house chores.

I have been feeling emotionally drained and spiritually dry lately and that's when this thought crept into my heart.  Will I say yes to mindless TV or yes to something that will draw my heart to Jesus.  Will I say yes to momentary pleasure or yes to 45 minutes of spiritual filling.  I'm so glad in that moment that I chose the better yes.  This was a gem that I received that day.  So so good. 

Of course it's completely fine indulge in the pleasurable gifts of life like TV shows and chocolate and worthless lounging around.  But I am realizing that when I feel empty, when I feel I have nothing to give to those around me.  This is when I need to say yes to allowing Jesus to fill me up, and that can't happen unless I choose the better yes.  I have to be filled to pour out.  I have to have something from which to give to those around me.
I want to do a better job of choosing the better yes.  
The better yes in my spiritual quest.
The better yes in my marriage.
The better yes in my journey of motherhood.
The better yes to really love a lost and hurting world.

I want to be filled up to I can give and I know that cannot happen on Netflix alone.
What do you need to say a better yes to?!

PS. In an effort to reevaluate my heart and life and in seeking to say the better yes, I have decided to close my Etsy shop for the foreseeable future.  I don't have enough hours in the day to do it all, so I'm letting this go in order to say yes to other endeavors.  I will probably host pop-up Instagram sales from time to time, because I do love creative outlets and sharing my pieces with each of you.  Be sure to follow along here so you don't miss any updates.  Thanks again for all your sweet support this past year!  You are some of the sweet people in my life!! xo

- - - 
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  1. I love this! "I have to fill up to pour out" so true!

  2. This is such a good reminder for me today! Thank you for sharing, Nicole! You're obedience is an encouragement!

  3. Good for you lady. I admire you so!

  4. i LOVE this!! I just went to the IF gathering conference this weekend and was convicted to do the same!

  5. thanks dear! it's always great when we can encourage each other. xo

  6. oh wow! i really want to attend that conference someday! it sounds amazing!! xo

  7. I loved this post lady! Also that photo is the sweetest.haha THanks for sharing:)

  8. SO GET THIS. You're doing a good job, momma -- and I think you're pretty impressive in general. For what it's worth! XOXO

  9. thanks for the vote of confidence. ;) love you!