Baby Moccs // SweetnSwag

This winter has been long and cold and all that warm spring-like weather us midwesterners had last week?! It was nothing but a cruel tease.  Ahhhh! We are so ready for daily walks and picnics in the park and generally escaping this house that has cooped us up for the last five months.

Our biggest outing each week is usually to the post office to mail out little packages to friends.  I think the post office workers must cringe when they see me walking up the steps because I always have a bagful.  Emmett turns into the sweetest little helper as he patiently sits on the counter awaiting his sucker prize.  You guys.  These are the little things about my life right now that I never want to forget.
^^ do you see that little sucker and mini dinosaur?! his favorites right now. ^^

And while we normally chill in our lazy clothes all winter long, one of my favorite things is to have a few cute clothing items we can throw on in a jiff before heading out.  You already know of my love affair with mini clothes for Emmett and Gideon and these tiny little moccasins are no exception.  The deal just gets sweeter when you can deck out your little people with fashion for a great price, especially when babies and toddlers grow at the speed of light and rarely fit into clothing items for more than a few months at a time.  Moccasins made to stay on your baby's feet for a fraction of the normal price are a done deal in my book.
Be sure to shop for your own little's mini moccasins from SweetnSwag on their website here and see a whole gallery of mini-mocc-wearing-babies on their Instagram feed here.

PS. If you have a little girl, take my recommendation and snag up a pair of the blush pink and polka dot version here. Ahhh!!! All the heart eyes in the world! 

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  1. Just too adorable!!

  2. Can these children GET any cuter?!! Love that first picture- looks like Emmett is going on a Paddington adventure, all proper-like! :)

  3. Aww beautiful babies and beautiful photos! Love their style and makes me want a little boy now too!

  4. boys are sooo fun to dress! ;) but then again i'm sure girls are too. babies are just the best! XO