Growing A Garden // A Dwelling Simple Series

I have wanted to start a mini series here on my blog on all things that pertain to dwelling simple.  I think in this cacophonous society we live in, our souls crave peace and simplicity.   This series will be little snippets of our life as we try to simplify different aspects of our life and home.

Today I wanted to give you a little peek at our little seedlings, the start to our mini garden.  I love the idea of teaching Emmett about real food and growing a few things for our own fresh eating this summer.  I've actually had grand plans to plant a little garden space for a few summers but babies, pregnancies, life . . . they have a way of taking priority.  I feel like this is finally going to be my summer and I'm really excited.
We dug up a little tiny garden patch under our big kitchen windows last summer but I think I want to double it to be able to fit in a little more this year.  I also have visions of planting tall sunflowers right outside the kitchen window and putting up a short clothesline.  We'll see how far it all comes.  But for now, a little peek at the seeds that I started a few weeks ago.
So far we have a bunch of poppies, a few tomato and pepper plants and some basil and parsley.  I planted almost a dozen little lavender plants but for some reason they never sprouted.  Such is my life. haha!

My other hopes for plants include some cabbages, carrots, a few climbing green bean plants and of course flowers.  I want more flowers to bright up the area around our yard.

As the spring continues, I'll keep you posted on our little garden progress but in the meantime, share all your gardening and seed-starting wisdom with me! I love hearing what other girls are doing.
^^ love that little towhead and all the sunlight in our kitchen window!! ^^

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  1. Dear sweet Nicole-

    It's high time I finally introduce myself. I came across your blog through Shelley Smucker's blog (which, I'm not sure how I came across that one either- got to love the tangle of the internet!), just before you decided to stop blogging. I contented myself by going through your archives, and then a few months ago I rediscovered your blog again- oh joy! I honestly stalk it. Every day. I feel guilty saying that but your posts always feed my soul. Your photos, your words, your down-to-earth honesty. You remind my a lot of my older sister actually- whose name is also Nicole. ;)

    Maybe I also feel a weird mutual connection because I have red hair as well (long live the rare reds!).

    I absolutely love how you're exploring in the world of natural products, oils, and growing your own garden. I love that you're real about it- you do what little you can and know that it's enough. You can't make everything from scratch, and you can't feel guilty about it. Just do the little things because it makes a difference. I so appreciate that.

    I'll try to break my bad-blog-reading habit of never leaving comments. Know that it's not just yours, haha! I'm always reading every post, and they are always a blessing to me. Thank you for taking the time in this little web space even in the midst of your own busy life. <3 It's not forgotten or overlooked.

    (.....and I knew I had to comment, finally, because I made your salted chocolate orange slices. OH. WOW. that was a really, really bad 9:30pm move on my part. I'm pretty sure these things won't live to see the light of dawn....and I'll also be seeing the light dawning after all this caffeine.)

    Many blessings to you- and if it's not too creepy, a virtual {{hug}} too! :)

  2. Those windows!!!
    (insert a million heart eyed emojis here)

  3. wooohoo! gardening for the win! Not that I'm an expert, but I've had pretty big gardens for the past several years so feel free to text me with any questions. I love that ledge above your windowsill!

  4. i will probably take you up on that. ;) i need to get the most good stuff squished into my tiny space. xo

  5. i know!!! best part of the whole kitchen....

  6. sweet sweet girl. i read your comment as i was feeding gideon in the dark last night and it made me cry. thank you for your sweet words of truth. you have no idea how much you blessed me. so so thankful to have girls like you that are part of this online community i've created. LOVE YOU!!