Little Flock Of Horrors

If I'm honest, I tend to be a little bit lazy when it comes to things around our home.  Hence the laundry waiting to be folded on the couch. . . for the last three days or the times we have breakfast for dinner because I didn't prepare a nice spread for the evening meal.  Ohhhhh, God bless my husband.  He is such a patient man.

So of course, you can imagine my extreme delight and surprise when I realized that there are actually clothes made from material that naturally wick away moisture and smells.  Hello, merino wool. . . new love of my mom life!!
When my friend, Lucy, sent us a box of clothes from her company, Little Flock of Horrors, you can only imagine my joy when I read that I only had to turn the clothes inside out after the boys wore them, let them air out and then re-wear.  It's seriously every mother's dream come true.  I mean, eventually we wash them. haha

And as if it could get better, the wicking-away-moisture feature of this material is so legit.  When I first read about it, I figured that was just a nice thing to add to a clothing description but then Gideon spit up -- in true Gideon-fashion -- all over his black and grey striped onesie and I was proven wrong.  Within a short amount of time, the inside of the shirt was almost completely dry.  Too bad I didn't have these clothes when Emmett was a baby because he would soak through multiple outfits by lunch time.  I can't even tell you how much I love these pieces!!
^^ look at those little peek-a-knees!! the cutest!! ^^

So if you are looking to invest in a few high quality, low laundry pieces for your baby or toddler's wardrobe, I can't recommend Little Flock of Horrors enough!!  This is hands down my favorite piece for Emmett and this one for Gideon.  If we had daughters, I would probably choose this one as her favorite.  Emmett just loves all the monster stuff. haha

Definitely check out LFOH on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Also, you can read more about the amazing benefits of merino wool here. . . like how it is a temperature regulator, absorbs UV rays and best of all odor resistant!!

Now here's proof that we wear our merino all the time!!

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  1. Hello- yes please! That sounds amazing!! Checking them out today!


  2. Love merino wool but it's hard to find cute kids clothes. Awesome!

  3. let me know if you get anything! i'd love to see your littles in little flock of horrors duds!! XO

  4. you're telling me. ;) haha. less laundry = winning!!!

  5. i know! my constant struggle. i love unique looking wardrobe pieces for the little guys! xo

  6. Sounds awesome. We soak through onsies like they are going out of style.
    P.S. Their playroom is the most darling thing ever.

  7. ditto. this was seriously story of my life when emmett was a baby. ahhh! too bad i didn't have merino wool in our wardrobe then. ;) XO