Little Woolen Shoes

I think that little dudes and their clothing gets a bad rap in the mama circles. . . You even take a short trip to any kids clothing section and the sparkles and pink easily outweigh the blues and denim 4 to 1!!  This is so sad to me because as a mama to two little guys,  Maybe in another life I would be a clothing designer for baby and toddler boys.

I love dressing them like little studs and just because we can't do headbands and ballet slippers doesn't mean we can't accessorize.   Besides huge pompom hats, slouch beanies and puffer coats of all kinds, I love shoes.  Did you know that the shoes you wear are one of the first things that other people subconsciously notice about you?! I read that on the internet once. . . and we all know we can trust that. haha
Point being, I love picking out fun and unique shoes for Emmett and Gideon to wear.  That's why I was crazy excited to have the chance to collaboration with Glerups.  You guys.  I cannot even tell you how much I adore these little blue woolen shoes for Emmett.  Also if we had a little girl, I would totally put her in these little white baby booties. Ahhh!!
Glerups' shoes are made from 100% pure, natural wool and captures up to 35% moisture, keeping your feet warm and dry.  My favorite part is that a Danish mother, Nanny Glerup, handcrafted the first pair of woolen slippers from her Gotland sheep in 1993 and people were so enamored with them, that a little company was born.  I love this because Adam's dad immigrated from Denmark to the United States when he was not much older than Emmett.  How fun to have a pair of shoes with a story that connects to his heritage!  These will be a special thing to pass down from baby to baby, whether boy or girl because their quality is so so incredible.
Be sure to check out Glerups on Twitter, Facebook and of course my all time social media crush, Instagram.

- - -  To all my fellow boy-mamas out there, what are your favorite things to dress your little guy in?!

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  1. those are soooo cute! such a great kiddo accessory.

  2. Well, the internet must get some things right because before reading this post I saw the photo on Instagram and my eyes went right for Emmett's shoes! Love 'em.

  3. Adorable shoes! They would make great house shoes for older boys during the winter too.

    I love dressing my boys in flannel shirts and colorful button-ups because they look just like their daddy like that. We aren't really stylish but I love seeing them take after him ;-)

  4. These are so fun! I am going to need to remember these when my friends have more babies!

  5. I love these shoes!!!! They are adorable, will have to get a pair for my little miss, she's never been too frilly, so they will be perfect!