These Busy Happy Sundays

I remember when Emmett was first born, we would head off to church and inevitably just as the sermon was getting ready to start, his internal feeding alarm would go off.  I remember so many times in those early months, sitting on the couch in the women's bathroom trying to catch what the pastor was saying in between explosive spitting up and tiny messy pants.  And as much as I adored this tiny new person, I remember feeling so frustrated.  Why even bother packing up for church when all I do is sit in the bathroom for half the service?!
But then I blinked and suddenly my almost two year old in one arm, can't wait to play with his friends in nursery and eat his little goldfish snacks.  In the other arm is my sweet second son, who again always finds Sunday morning sermon time to be a great time for a snack.

This time around, I feel the wonderful absence of these emotions.  Rather my heart is full of this quiet gratitude and the realization that these days of tiny, helplessness truly fly by so fast.  It bothers me so much less this second time around because I realize that peaceful Sunday morning services will always be there for me to enjoy.  But these days?! These days of nursing cuddles and little cooing talks won't be.  I'll blink a few more times and my sweet little sons will be tall, handsome men heading off to conquer the world.  They'll be choosing their girls and we'll be dancing those mama son dances and I'll happily remember every Sunday morning that I missed the sermons.

- - - 
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  1. Gah! I've been missing church altogether because services start right at nap time. It's go and he hollers and squirms, or just don't go. It can be really discouraging. My weeks have felt like they lack the "punctuation" of Sundays. Thanks for the reminder that what feels like, "Again?!" is really a blink of the (sleepy!) eye. :)

  2. so true to the 'blink of a sleep eye'. ;) you are doing a great job and i cannot wait to see you next month!! XO

  3. Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? It seems like we are constantly running around yet like you said, in the blink of an eye they kids will be out of the house. We have to savor these times!

  4. yes! i'm so desperate to cherish each of these days. not that we can ever live without any regrets, but it would be nice to have minimal. ;) XO