Our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was so wonderful.  Mostly especially because Adam had no work on Friday which mean a whole extra day of family time and that's so valuable to use these days.
^^ saturday night church clothes for helping out in the nursery ^^

On Saturday we spent the day together and then went to church that night to help in the nursery.  Then our small group had a little ice cream social and Emmett was found double fisting handfuls of strawberries straight from the serving bowl. Hashtagwinningatlife haha

Sunday was full of family and cousins and food and eggs hunts and laughter and so many heart-bursting moments with these three boys of mine.  I can't believe how much Emmett has grown this past year.  You see that little profile photo of mine up there on the right hand sidebar?! That was Easter 2014.  Ahhh! These sweet babies grow so so fast and I am desperate to soak up every ounce of life and love from them.

My heart was also so overwhelmed by the reminder yet again of grace upon undeserving grace in my life.  What a gift to be so unconditionally loved and accepted by a perfect Savior.  Now here's just a little peek at our weekend. 
- - - 
^^ little egg gathering blur ^^
^^ adam was almost as excited as emmett was with the mini nursery egg hunt on sunday morning. we then proceeded to sit there and consume a ridiculous amount of fruit snacks. these are the memories i want to lock away forever. ^^

^^ 'does this bow tie make my chin look fat?!' haha!! ^^
^^ all day i kept thinking about how little he was last year, toddling around finding his little eggs. ahh! these days are going way too fast. ^^
 ^^ so many second cousins!! plus emmett's awesome fluffy hair. haha! ^^
^^ my mom is so good at planning fun stuff for the little guys. i love that about her and hope i can do the same someday. ^^
^^ can't even handle all the love i have for these three boys ^^
^^ we have the craziest, loudest, sometimes too dramatic family -- but i wouldn't trade them for the world!! ^^ 

- - -
What was the best part of your weekend?!  Also don't forget about the $80 Target gift card going on here!! Seriously you guys. Only a few people have entered so your odds are VERY high at this point. ;) 

- - - 
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  1. Love your pants in that first photo. Glad you had a good Easter with family :)

  2. so funny story about these pants. . . i took them from my sister, who had actually taken them from another sister of ours. haha!! large family perks, i guess!! :) XO

  3. Awesome pants! That's my kind of Easter outfit! :)
    Your family photos are so cute and I am glad it was a good day!

    Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

  4. This looks like such a wonderful Easter. And those bow ties? I die!
    xo, Sarah

  5. Happy Easter! I love the family shots!

  6. thanks dear!! i actually took them from my sister beth who took them from our sister tiffany. ;) big family life at it's best. haha!


  7. i knoooooow! i love babies in bow ties. xo