Someone's Little Boy

Several days ago, I stumbled on this post entitled A Letter To My Future Daughter-in-Law.  Go ahead and read it. . . but only if you are ready for an ugly cry.  I mean seriously.  I walked away from my computer, up to our room where Gideon and Emmett were napping.  I couldn't stop the tears.

I think it was these lines that got me . . . 

There will come a day that this sticky, messy, silly little boy will be yours. He will always be mine, but you will take my place in many ways.

Someday your hand will replace mine. Your eyes will be his peace and your heart will be his home.
It’ll be you he kisses goodnight.

It’ll be you he shares his dreams with.

It’ll be you who comforts him when he is scared.

It’ll be you who holds his heart. The same heart that beats against my chest as I hold him each night.
Someday, darling, that will be you. 
Sometimes the thought of not always being these little guys' number one girl makes me really sad.  I mean, it's healthy and right and good that they grow, become independent and choose their own love of their life.

But these days right now?!  Every ounce of my heart and soul are being poured into them.  The long days, the sick nights, the first laughter and joyful discovery of the world?!  These moments are mine and my heart is madly in love with these two little men.  I hope and pray I never crush their spirits, that they always feel cherished and adored.  I see so many budding traits that make my heart swell.  I only hope and pray that the lucky girls' who become their wives. . . I hope they see these things too. 
Then it hit me.  I am married to someone's little boy.  There was a young mama just like me, thirty  years ago that was feeling all these same things.  Am I doing her justice?!  Am I cherishing those things she watched him become in the little years?!  Am I being the kind of wife that I hope my own sons someday find?!  
- - - 
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  1. Okay, now I'm crying! This is seriously good stuff, though. It's poignant both as a mama and a wife. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes .. I agree with Maria. I'm crying too. So good .. :) I think of that every once in a while to and it makes me realize that I need to cherish my husband even more because yes...he was someone's little boy and she entrusted him to me. I need to make her proud. Thanks for sharing.

  3. yes!!! so glad you focus on the same thing as well. XO