Spring Cleaning // A Dwelling Simple Series

A few weeks ago, I started a series here on my blog that I'm calling A Dwelling Simple Series.  My first post was on a simple garden for our family's fresh eating // you can read more about that here // and today I want to share my simple approach to spring cleaning.
I know that photo up there looks all calm and serene, but since we're all about honestly and full disclosure here I should let you know that I'm am currently writing this post in my comfy pajama clothes with a couchful of laundry and toys scattered on the floor like parade candy.  Basically I'm the least qualified person to be writing this post. BUT I want to live my life in a constant state of growth and change so mostly this is for my own personal accountability.

Before Gideon was born, I slowly made my way through every drawer, cupboard and closet in our home and organized it all.  Through that process, I did find some really great systems for storing, sorting and organizing but let's be honest.  Time has a way of chipping away at that, so it needs to be done again.
My goal in the month of April and May, is to take a few rooms a week and do the same thing.  I feel a need to purge and pare down all our stuff.  I am keeping this process super simple and straight forward, because it's not as though I don't already have a baker's dozen of things I'm trying to juggle each day so I need to keep my goals attainable.

I thought it would be fun to share my process with you in case it might be something helpful for you to implement in your home as well.  Keep in mind that this is not a deep cleaning list.  Rather a chance to clear out, sort and organize all the little nooks and crannies in our home.  I will be doing this same process through each room in our home.  Let's get started!!
// Clear Out
Knock down cobwebs // this never happens to I'm adding it to my once a year list //

Empty cupboards, closets, shelves, and drawers

Pull out anything stuffed in corners or hidden places

// Sort
Sort through the things pulled from each area including:
beauty/body care products

Create a trash and giveaway bag for things we no longer need

Remember to only keep things that we find useful or beautiful for our home.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

// Organize
Organize remaining items

Create a system to help keep this organization using baskets, crates, etc.

Return things to their new home and implement the organization on a daily basis
- - -
Do you have any spring cleaning or organizing tips to share?!

- - - 
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  1. Doing something similar here. Converting to a more minimalist lifestyle. Reading Marie Kondo's books and throwing away / donating tons and tons of trash bags each week. I am on a mission to only have things we NEED or absolutely LOVE in our home! Love love your bedroom floor in that first photo!

  2. this is all so so good!! we need more simple living here. less clutter!! XO

  3. Oh do I dispise spring cleaning. i just get so overwhelmed with everything. I do need to tackle a few things. Hopefully I can implement your advice and conquer.

  4. i know!! that's why i am actually just trying to do one room at a time and only organize. cleaning can wait. haha. ;) XO