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We love cozy clothes in this house.  I mean seriously.  Doesn't the thought of snuggling up in some comfy pants with the softest tee shirt just make you feel all relaxed and happy inside?!  We have cozy days several days a week. . . okay most days of the week.   Some of our favorite things to do on these days are playing circus train, farm, coloring and of course a some kid shows thrown in there too.

Our newest favorites for lounging days are from Tiny Tiny One, an online concept store that stocks organic baby clothes.  Like this little ocean and whale set for Gideon and the peek-a-bunny-butt pants for Emmett.  That's not their official name, but seriously.  How cute is this little bum?!
All the clothes we have from them are really sturdy and durable and soft as soft can be.  Another awesome part about all the clothes from Tiny Tiny One is that they are organic cotton.  Here are some benefits of dressing our little babies in these kinds of clothes

The skin of babies & children are particularly vulnerable as their skin is being around 30% thinner and more sensitive than adult’s, the skin of babies readily absorb toxins.  

While conventional cotton growing uses harmful pesticides that are easily absorbed by the skin and the the production of conventional cotton uses chemicals to wash, bleach, prepare, dye and finish the fabric.  

Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals and heavy metal. It is softer and safer choice for babies sensitive skin.

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My friends from Tiny Tiny One are generously offering my readers free international shipping // their company is based in Hong Kong // PLUS 10% off two items.  Oh my goodness, guys! This is your time to stock up on the cutest baby gifts and goods for the year.  I mean seriously.  I'm just dying to dress Gideon and Emmett in this little blue stripped tee shirt and this owl branch romper.   And just for fun, if I had a little girl this summer, I would definitely choose this mint striped kimono and these navajo pants.  So so many cute pieces to choose from.  And this Seaweed Snuggle Blanket?! I can almost feel it's coziness now.

Remember the offer only lasts a week so make your order quick!  Also be sure to check Tiny Tiny One on Instagram + Facebook + Pinterest.
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What are your favorite things to wear and do on cozy days?!

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