Good Friday //

Our house is all a flurry of Easter excitement, too much candy + an explosion of colored grass from the massive fun box my mom sent the boys today. And today, then just before nap time, Emmett happened upon my target bags of goodies for their Easter basket.

When informed him that the Rescue Bot transformer was actually for Gideon + not for him, oh the torrential river of tears that ensued.  He just couldn't understand why he didn't have one too + why Gibbies gets Blades + a dinotrux + I ONLY have Chase!

Little does he know that deeper in the bag where he didn't look is his own Rescue Bot transformer + a whole lot of other wonderful Easter surprises. If only he KNEW all these tears will be for nothing come Sunday morning. . . 
Then it kind of smacks me in the face. It reminds me of some disciples from not that long ago. . .

Why did Jesus have to die?! 
Was he not the saving, conquering hero of the day?!  
Wasn't he the answer?!

We have the gift of years past that puts the story into perspective.  They simply had to hang on because Sunday was coming!! If only they had the eyes to see beyond their present pain + a vision for what was coming.
- - -

Of course I find myself in the same boat.  The frustration over my questions of today.  My wonder how everyone else seems to have a little better slice of life than me.  The angst of waiting for the full + complete understanding of how this present suffering will be NOTHING compared to the glory that is going to be revealed in us!!

Tears.  But now just tears of joy.  Because like Emmett, like the disciples, we can hold on because Sunday is coming. . .

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