French Snacks For All!

Is it just us or is 'toddler life' synonymous with 'all day grazing'?! These boys are hungry + pawing through the pantry cupboards all day long. Dare I think about the teenage years?!?!?!? 
*insert all the shocked + crying emoji faces* haha
I was super excited when Bakerly reached out to me + ask if they could send us some of their French snacks.  Check this out. . . 

Bakerly announced their debut in the U.S. market by "crossing the Atlantic" with the famous Transat bakerly solo sailing race that takes place in May and finishes in Brooklyn, NYC. You can see more of their journey here // http://www.thetransat.com/
 How cool is that?!?! A little bit of french snackery right here in the Grand 'Ole USofA. Yahoooo!!
Plus all their bakery treats are non-GMO and completely free of preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, zero high fructose corn syrup and zero trans fat.  So while it's not exactly a kale salad, I felt good knowing their little bodies weren't being pumped full of toxic yuck!
 Here's the rundown on French treats you can purchase //

Mini Brioches
Sponge Cakes
Crepes <---- the chocolate filled were my person fav

You can purchase them at all kinds of grocery stores here in California and even at Lucky's Market in Iowa City Iowa  ---- in case my home girls are reading. haha

So be sure to look up your hometown on their website here to see where you can get your own French snacks for your next spring picnic.


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